Employment support for people with autism

People with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) generally have a large distance from the employment market.  The target of the KIRA project (subsidized by ESF/EQUAL) was to enlarge the possibilities of this targetgroup to enter the employment market.

Five organizations (De Grote Rivieren - afdeling De Steiger, RMPI, Centrale RINO-groep Utrecht, Rijngeest Groep Centrum Autisme, Dr. Leo Kannerhuis Centrum voor Autisme) have cooperated to develop a method for employment support, based on tacit knowledge, specifically for this targetgroup.

KIRA method presented in a matrix

This website offers in a matrix the KIRA method (intake, assessment, support and coaching) and an accompanying text. We advise to read the accompanying text first and then to move on to the matrix. The method was written for people working in the employment support field. It is a practical matrix for jobcoaches and project counsellors and aims to support the daily practice.