About the matrix

The KIRA method consists of a number of recommendations for the jobcoach. The method enables the jobcoach to support a client on its way to employment, in a structured way.

All recommendations are put together in one matrix. The matrix is divided in four successive stages; intake, assessment, support and coaching. Each stage has its own green-blue colour. By clicking on one of the four tabs at the top of the matrix, the recommendations for the selected stage appear.

The target and the client’s need for support are described per stage. In the red level it is described what the jobcoach needs to do in this stage. When clicking on the orange level one can read how to get to this information.

In the red and orange levels (the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of each stage), a distinction is made between recommendations for the client, the personal network and the professional network. These are placed below each other, so all specific information regarding one stage can be found on one page.

Attachments (that can be downloaded as Word documents) are added to several parts in the matrix. These attachments are divided in several types and can be recognized by the icons below:

- Background

- Checklist

- Form for completion

- Praktical leads

- Example

The KIRA development team wishes you good luck using this method, and in the employment support of your clients!